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This page of the site is here to supply you with cool seating objects for your Sims game. Next to every object there is a picture and an explanation and a price.

The Sims Goodes Beadlin Seat

The Beadlin seat: Created By Stephen

Price: 250

Description: Under it's ugly exterior the Spring Seat is very strange, The chair is made from a new material which we call beadlin it is a very strong material but comfortable to sit on, this is why the seat has such a very high comfort rating.

The Sims Goodies Green Little Tyke Bed

Green Little Tyke Bed: Created By Al

Price: 300

Description: All kids and adults need a rest but when you get too tired you need to sleep. For kids and adults the little Tyke bed sutes all.

The Sims Goodies Spartan Special

Spartan Special: Created By Al

Price: 700

Description: For single Sims on a tight schedule AND a tight budget, there's no better value than the Spartan Special by TSG. Barrack-inspired comfort and design ensure that your Sims receive their ration of energy

The Sims Goodies Leather Seat

TSG Leather seat: Created By Stephen

Price: 600

Description: This is made from 100% real othentic leather and will keep your bum feeling soft and smooth.

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