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This page of the site is here to supply you with cool Misc objects for your Sims game. Next to every object there is a picture and an explanation and a price.

The Limo (Thank you Sims Plus)

The Imo: Created By Stephen (Thanks Sims Plus)

Price: 32500

Description: If you are going to drive you are better to drive in style. I would like to thank the Sims Plus for allowing us to use their code to provide this car with the Wash function.

The Sims Goodies Bubbly Baby

Bubbly Baby: Created By Al

Price: 2000

Description: Are you unable to have children or are you just plain old lazy and not wanting the hassle of sex? If I'm correct this will be the way for you, 100% hassle free, well 90% that social worker can be a real pain.

The Sims Goodies News Paper

News Paper: Created By Al

Price: 1

Description: Thers nothing better than getting up in the morning to a news paper. This will be great for you people who are always unemployed.

The Sims Goodies Small Amishim Bookcase

Small Amish Bookcase: Created By Stephen

Price: 500

Description: This is small but convenient, it fits into any room and it goes well with the large bookcase.

The Sims Goodies Snapple Machine

Snapple Machine: Created By Al

Price: 900

Description: After a hard day's swimming, nothing beats a refreshing bottle of Snapple to refresh your thirst! This juice is bursting with fruity flavor! Comes in Strawberry Kiwi, Mango Madness, Lime' n' Lemon, Lemon Iced Tea, Grape Ape, and Blueberry Blast! Warranty for 90 days.

The Sims Goodies Memorials

Memorials: Created By Al

Price: 100

Descriptions: Has your loved one passed away? They all liked to be remembered with a tombstone with their name engraved in it.

Do not submit these objects to any other website.