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This page of the site is here to supply you with cool Electronics for your Sims game. Next to every object there is a picture and an explanation and a price.

The Sims Goodies Alarm Box

TSG Alarm Box: Created By Stephen

Price: 100

Description: TSG Brings you the best in home security. This alarm is programmed when bought and can detect a stranger and sends a warning to the police.

The Sims Goodies Tv 100

TSG TV 100: Created By Stephen

Price: 400

Description: Whether you need total distraction and some entertainment in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the family room, the B94U television set from Trottco is a solid choice. Auto-Tuning. Channel Recall. Hair Filter. Sharpness. Three A/V Inputs Visible. Static-Video Input. Audio Output. Permanent Channel Setting. Bass and Treble Sounds. TV Stand. Vents.

Do not submit these objects to any other website.