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This page of the site is here to supply you with cool appliances for your Sims game. Next to every object there is a picture and an explanation and a price.

The Sims Goodies Eletric Hob

TSG Electric Hob: Created By Stephen

Price: 400

Description: Have you ever been shopping in a traditional appliance store and looked at cookers? They are all the same but the difference with TSG Hob is you don't get that worthless oven with it. As a result of this it is much, much cheaper

The Sims Goodies BBQ Grill

TSG BBQ Grill: Created By Stephen

Price: 1500

Description: This excellent BBQ rill is an excellent choice for any person looking for a taste like no other. This grill gives you that flame grilled taste and you can even switch it for different types of meat, and you can even use the special left-hand side for making soup.

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