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This page of the site is here to supply you with cool lighting objects for your Sims game. Next to every object there is a picture and an explanation and a price.

The Sims Goodies Tall Cromer

The Tall Cromer: Created By Stephen

Price: 506

Description: The tall Chromer is a new type of lamp, it does not use electricity to work, it uses air, yes, air. When you enter a room the door generates a gust which is absorbed by the bottom of the lamp. Once inside it turns a generator which creates it own little power source which we call $imonium.

The Sims Goodies Chinese Street Lamp

Gold China Street Lamp: Created By Stephen

Price: 150

Description: This is a very good looking lamp imported from China. It is made from copper and then sprayed gold to give it that rich looking effect. Another great feature of this lamp is the sensor inside, it can sense when there is no light and automaticly switches on.

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